Georgia Election Problems


Fulton County and DeKalb County, Georgia

[Touchscreen default from Dem to Repub,Dirty Tricks in minority precincts

Polling Place Problems,Too few machines and major machine problems, especially in minority precincts, long lines,

polling place confusion, registration problems, provisional and absentee ballot problems] [Touchscreens able to

identify a personís vote, violation of Georgia Constitution]


Clayton County, Georgia[Touch screen switching from Kerry to Bush, Polling Place Problems/too few machines

in minority precincts/Voters not informed of correct polling place/long lines/ many voters not allowed to vote/

suppression of minority voters/misinformation by officials and poll workers/voter intimidation]


Cobb County†† [Touch screen switching from Kerry to Bush]


Douglas County[Touch screen switching from Kerry to Bush]


Liberty County††† [Touch screen switching from Kerry to Bush]


Twiggs and Hancock Counties(machine problems forced use of provisional paper ballots in the morning in all precincts

of Twiggs County and most precincts in Hancock County)

Walker County (improper programming of touchscreen encoders caused malfunction and long delays in processing votes,

long lines at the polls)


Beaufort County(machine malfunction and long lines in several precincts)

Voters with Hispanic surnames challenged in 3 Georgia counties


Gwinnett , Cobb and many other counties( Long lines and long delays determining voter eligibility due to inability to

communicate with state registration data base)


Touchscreen switching


11/15/04, 1:00 PM PST

Machine problem

Vote switching

Kelly Lake Elementary, Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia

Voter used 2nd machine from left. When she voted for McKinney and Majetter, the votes went to the wrong place.


10/30/04, 7:10 AM PST

Machine problem

unknown, Fulton County, Georgia

someone at church told his wife that voting machine entered vote for wrong candidate (tried to vote for Kerry, the machine registered a vote for Bush). He does not know any of the details or where the polling place is located.




11/03/04, 1:28 PM PST

Machine problem

Calvery Presbyterian Church; 76 Windy Hill Road, Marietta GA 30060, Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia

At 9:00/9:30 a.m. this morning (not 2nd) - Voting by electronic machine. Every time she pushed candidate she wanted, it highlighted the other candidate. Called over election supervisor - explained the problem - could be confusing. Kept pressing the person she wanted - so after the third time it gave the candidate she wanted. Over the first page - president and other races were on the first page. Election worker said it could fingernails (sic). She was pleasant and came at voter's request and listened to the conversation. [P]



11/02/04, 5:38 PM PST

Machine problem

Hinesville Middle School Cafeteria, Hinesville, Liberty County, Georgia

Voted Kerry -- pushed that button, jumped to Bush. Called for help; was able to remedy 2nd time also went to option above, not the one voter selected, but she was able to vote as she wanted in the end.



11/02/04, 9:54 AM PST

Machine problem

North Clayton Middle School, 5517 W. Fayetteville Rd, College Park, GA 30349, College Park, Clayton County, Georgia

Upon filling out her ballot (on touch-screen system), voter selected "Kerry" as part of a straight-Democrat ticket, but it displayed "Bush" instead. She called poll worker over to look at it, who reset her ballot and had her re-do it entirely. This was successful. Upon hearing her make a commotion in line about it, another voter ahead of her reported the same problem.



11/02/04, 10:37 AM PST

Machine problem

Bright Star Methodist Church, 3715 Bright Star Road, Douglasville, Douglasville, Douglas County, Georgia

Pushed Kerry Edwards, the x went to Bush/Cheney, she tried this three times, went to next page, went back to Kerry page, then re-entered Kerry and the X went to Kerry. Also, message says need picture ID.



Dirty Tricks



11/02/04, 11:16 AM PST

Polling place inquiry; Other polling place problem

Eastlake Elementary , Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia

Wrong station, sent flyer in mail stated E. Lake but told to go to Oakhurst Church at poll



11/02/04, 11:24 AM PST

Polling place inquiry

Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia

Got flyer in mail that said she was supposed to go to a different place


11/15/04, 1:13 PM PST

Voter Intimidation

East Lake Elementary, Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia

Flyer was left on door promoting a false polling place


11/02/04, 1:15 PM PST

Registration-related problem

Atlanta, fulton County, Georgia

Registration at his High School apparently never submitted. He along with many other students registered at Riverwood High School in approx 3/04, they also filled out Selective Service forms. He received a confirmation of his Selective Service but apparently his voter registration was not sent in.



Polling place problems


11/02/04, 5:11 AM PST

Long lines; Other polling place problem

Oak Knowl Elementary, East Point, Fulton County, Georgia

Exceedingly long lines with only 10 polling booths and approx. 10 poll workers


11/02/04, 5:38 AM PST

Long lines

East Point, Oak Knoll Elementary , East Point , Fulton County, Georgia

Long lines, hundreds, 12 booths, one disabled stations, 10 workers


11/02/04, 1:41 PM PST

Long lines

Tri-Cities H.S., East Point, fulton County, Georgia

The poll workers would only let the voters to into booths in the numerical order in which they entered. This was causing long lines because at any one time up to 5 of the 7 booths were empty because of the way people were finishing or checking in. For example, if person #15 was having trouble (id problem or something) then no one behind him would be allowed to vote because they had a higher number. Many people became frustrated and left because it was causing a two hour wait when only about 50 people in line.


11/02/04, 4:51 PM PST

Long lines; Other polling place problem

Crosby Spears Highrise, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

4 booths at polling places. Long lines. WAs told that there weren't more booths b/c Sect. of State believes blacks don't vote



11/02/04, 7:18 AM PST

Long lines; Other polling place problem

Murphy Candler, Dekalb County, Georgia

1 - Polling Place shut down for the day. Does not plan to re-open. 2 - In line since 7 a.m., people are leaving the polls, saying its very unorganized. Thousands of people are in line. The poll just re-opened, but its moving very slowly. Predmoninantly African American district.


11/02/04, 10:22 AM PST

Other polling place problem

High Point Elementary School, 520 Greenland Rd., NE 30342, Fulton County, Georgia

Very long line, some people telling precinct 21 has shorter line, lots of polling machines unused, no signs to show which line is which


11/02/04, 1:10 PM PST

Machine problem

OIR, Fulton County, Georgia

All machines not working. Only 4 machines working at 8; 7:00 only 2 machines working; at 7:40 4 working


10/26/04, 12:05 PM PST

Voter Intimidation; Machine problem; Long lines; Polling place inquiry; Other polling place problem

Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia

Early voting polling place has multiple problems: 1) VERY long lines-- MORE THAN A TWO HOUR WAIT!!!!!! Caller told that election officials were not prepared for volume. 2) Electronic voting machines could not connect with the Secretary of State's office. 3)Officials told caller that NO POLL WORKERS were allowed for early voting



11/02/04, 5:13 AM PST

Long lines; Other polling place problem

Auburn Avenue Wheat Street Apts, 375 Auburn Ave 30312, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Too few poll workers, just two people, line around the block (, eight machinesnot enough voting machines)



11/02/04, 6:11 AM PST

Machine problem

Long lines

Fire Station No. 8, 1711 Marietta Blvd. NW, Atlanta, 30318, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Six voting machines, two machines crashed, five or six people voted, then machines crashed



11/02/04, 6:10 PM PST

Machine problem

Hammerton Rec. Ctr, Scottsdale, Dekalb County, Georgia

Said machines are broken and would not provide ballots. Told voters to return back at 17:00.



11/13/04, 1:13 PM PST

Machine problem

Oakcliff Elementary School, Dekalb County, Georgia

Voter informed that one of the 8 machines was not working



11/02/04, 4:52 PM PST

Long lines; Other

murphy candler elementary school , Atlanta, dekalb County, Georgia

There from 6am to 10am. Could not vote because disabled. Average wait 3-4 hours. 15 polling stations open but only 3 people working.



11/13/04, 1:37 PM PST

Machine problem

Long lines

Conley Hills Elementary, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

One voting machine is not working, has been shut down. Longer waits for everyone



11/13/04, 1:48 PM PST

Machine problem

Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

After casting vote, machine said bollot was cancelled because machine couldn't read card. Voter just happened to notice that and machine kicked card out. He was able to revote but is concerned that other voters may not have noticed if machine said "ballot cancelled." Machine right in front of waiting line.



11/18/04, 6:51 AM PST

Machine problem

Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

all machines are not working


11/19/04, 8:34 AM PST


Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Waits of 4 hours - only 8 machines in polling place-by end of day, waits were less.


11/02/04, 8:15 AM PST

Machine problem

Abernathy Towers, 1059 Oglethorpe Ave SW, ATL 30318, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Machine kept his card after he cast his ballot - they assure him it was OK, is it?


11/02/04, 10:28 AM PST

Machine problem

Margaret Mitchell Elementary, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Voter told to use demo machine.


11/02/04, 12:07 PM PST

Machine problem

D H Stanton Elementary on Martin Street, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Electronic voting machines were not charged up; plugged them in and got them up to 85%; meanwhile they allowed voters to vote by paper ballot and when they started the lines to do that, the poll workers told them that if they had voted in the last election and now were voting by paper ballot, their paper ballots would not count.


11/02/04, 7:58 AM PST

Machine problem; Insufficient number of ballots

Long lines

Salem Baptist Church, Atlanta , Fulton County, Georgia

Rejecting smart cards one machine is down, eight machines


11/02/04, 12:45 PM PST

Machine problem

Oakhurst Baptist Church, Eastlake Drive, Decatur, Dekalb County, Georgia

Went to the polls, used the machine, cast her ballot, pushed the green button to finalize her ballot -- she got a message on the voting machine stating that the "ERROR ON CARD -- YOUR BALLOT HAS BEEN CANCELED" -- she alerted the poll worker, they took the card and stuck it into a card reader and she was told that "her vote was in." She was not at all confident that her vote was cast and will be counted.


11/02/04, 3:21 PM PST

Machine problem

Redan Middle School, 1775 Young Rd, Lithonia, GA, 30058, Dekalb County, Georgia

Voted and went to scroll down but couldn't. Asked for assistance --poll worker tried and couldn't. In process of trying, the machine automatically cast ballot. Voter not ready to cast ballot. Calibration problem?


11/02/04, 4:53 PM PST


Renfroe Middle School, Decatur, Dekalb County, Georgia

Voted this morning. Her husband went in the afternoon and told the poll worker that his name should be under his wife's name. Husband was told his wife had not voted. Caller is concerned that her vote was not counted.


11/02/04, 10:56 AM PST

Other polling place problem

Stonewall Tell Elementry, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Cutting trees; blocking access to polling place; talked with poll worker and was told that they couldn't do anything about it. She and her husband were able to vote but there were several other vehicles that couldn't even get into the polling area.


11/02/04, 11:07 AM PST

Voter Intimidation; Long lines

Murphy Candler Elementary School, 6775 Goddard Road, Lithonia, GA, Lthonia, Dekalb County, Georgia

Stood in line for 3.5 hrs.; arrived at 6:30AM; prior to voting poll worker began rearranging the lines; closed door to the polling place and told voters that no one else was going to enter the building until the lines inside were clear. She told other voters that if they didn't want to wait outside that they could "get into their car and leave." A-K and L-Z lines formed inside the building. Poll worker moved the lines several times. Creating lots of confusion. Talking to voters rudely.


11/02/04, 7:18 AM PST

Long lines; Other polling place problem

Murphy Candler, Dekalb County, Georgia

1 - Polling Place shut down for the day. Does not plan to re-open. 2 - In line since 7 a.m., people are leaving the polls, saying its very unorganized. Thousands of people are in line. The poll just re-opened, but its moving very slowly. Predmoninantly African American district.



Registration/Provisional ballot problem/Polling Place Confusion



10/28/04, 6:49 PM PST

Absentee-ballot related problem

Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Called Voter Registration for Fulton County on 10/21, 10/25, 10/26, 10/28 to request an absentee ballot. On most days, couldn't get a person on the phone. Was told on 10/26 that they don't fax applications long-distance. She printed out form from internet, but couldn't get board's fax machine to accept it. GA law says there's no deadline for submitting an absentee ballot, but voter must allow enough time for board of registrars to receive application and mail ballot back in time for board to receive by Nov. 2.


11/17/04, 12:39 PM PST

Voter Intimidation

Fulton County, Georgia

Voter on list but at wrong polling place, told because she had changed name so told she needed to go to another place. She had not moved.


11/02/04, 6:34 PM PST

Other polling place problem

Sylvan Hills Middle School, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Was told she was not on list to vote or registered. She called E-P and was confirmed to vote at listed precinct. She and her fiance registered together at West End Mall; he was on list but she was not. No calls were made to confirm her status, she was told to go home [by poll workers].


11/13/04, 12:58 PM PST

Provisional ballot problem

dresden elementary, dekalb County, Georgia

registered with card but was not on list. Was told that she could not vote provisional ballot, that what she heard on TV was wrong.


11/02/04, 7:58 AM PST

Identification-related problem; Long lines

Murphy Candler Elementary School, Lithonia, Dekalb County, Georgia

Arrived at polling place at 5:30mam to vote and waited until 8:00 to get to the head of the line. He presented an Alabama license, which was not acpeted. He went to get a bank statement and they said he had to get to the abck of the line. The Poll Manager was uncooperative and so was the Poll taker


11/02/04, 10:38 AM PST

Registration-related problem

Meadowview Elementary, Atlant, Dekalb County, Georgia

Had voter registeration card with her, wanted to vote, photo i.d. had different address in Atlanta, polling person said that she was "registered to vote in Savannah" and not in the precinct that her registration card indicated. Asked for a provisional ballot and was told that she "was not qualified" to use a provisional ballot.


11/02/04, 12:15 PM PST

Identification-related problem

Whitefoord Elem, ATLANTA, Dekalb County, Georgia

Had govt. id and legible copy of driver's license--would not let in polling place with ID presented


11/02/04, 1:58 PM PST

Registration-related problem

Mozley Park Rec Center, 1565 Mozley Drive SW, Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Voter not notified of new polling location; went to old polling place (McPherson Library at MLK & Morris, Brown), waited in line 1 & 1/2 hours only to be sent to Mozley Park.


11/02/04, 2:39 PM PST

Registration-related problem

Chapel Hill Elementary, Decatur, GA, Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia

wife regsistered by mail together before October 4; did not receive confirmation; not on list at the polling station; polling workers refuse to call registrar to check if she is on the master lists; poll workers refuse to let her vote with provisional ballot


11/02/04, 5:13 PM PST

Registration-related problem

St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Registration card identified precinct to which he traveled, only to be told that he was registered to vote at a different precinct.


11/02/04, 5:05 PM PST


Grant Park School - Southside Comprehensive High - 801 Glenwood, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Not allowed to vote at Southside Comprehensive High. Went to Youth Education Town Bldg 5685 Hill ST. Lots of people not notified of polling place change. Waiting in line long time then told could not vote there.


11/02/04, 5:09 PM PST

Other polling place problem; Other

Woodridge Trail (4120 Cedar Ridge Trail), Stone Mountain, Dekalb County, Georgia

WAited in line for 2 hours at this polling place and was told by a poll worker that she was in the correct place based on the voter registration card that she presented. However, once she got to th efront of th eline, she was told to go to her new voting precinct, which is Crossroads Presbyterian Church--5587 Redan Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30088. The registration card that she presented to the poll worker was mailed to her home address.


11/02/04, 5:09 PM PST

Provisional ballot problem

mosley park, Atlanta, fulton County, Georgia

Polling official would not allow individual to vote by provisional ballot. Registered in different precinct. Pollworker KICKED OUT voter & MFA.


11/02/04, 5:56 PM PST

Other polling place problem




11/02/04, 6:07 PM PST

Voter Intimidation; Other polling place problem

Briar Vista Elementary School, Dekalb County, Georgia

Polling Place manager Told him he had to send a copy of his social security card after he registered. Was turned away from the polls. He was registered and on the roll. [P]


11/02/04, 7:12 PM PST

Early closing

1050 10TH STREET, ATLANTA, FULTON County, Georgia



11/03/04, 10:37 AM PST

Registration-related problem; Problem based on student status

Atlanta, DeKalb County, Georgia

Not on GA registration list even though she and a fellow student are registered to vote. Not offered provisional ballot. She was in her correct voting precinct.


11/13/04, 12:35 PM PST

Other polling place problem

Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Washington High School, which was the polling place last year, was not marked with signs to direct voters to Shiloh Missionary Baptist


11/13/04, 12:39 PM PST

Identification-related problem; Other polling place problem

Carey Reynolds Elementary, Dekalb County, Georgia

Voter (at wrong polling place?) inquired about IDs other than driver's license.


11/13/04, 12:49 PM PST

Registration-related problem

Skyland Methodist, Atlanta, Dekalb County, Georgia

Voter wasn't on the rolls and was refused a provisional ballot. We went in to the polling place with her and showed the poll workers the Georgia code and she then gave the voter a provisional ballot


11/13/04, 12:59 PM PST

Voter Intimidation

Chamblee Vocational/Tech School, Dekalb County, Georgia

Dekalb Co. Police Patrol police officer set up camp in front of polling location. Car #584, LN# 128868


11/13/04, 1:08 PM PST

Other polling place problem

dresden elementary, dekalb County, Georgia

Registered by internet, received registration card postmarked 10/28/2004 showing Dresden as correct precinct. Waited 2 hours inside polling place because he was not on the list. The precinct [polling place] manager was unresponsive, talking on cell phone while approximately 10 other people with the same problem were waiting. [P]


11/13/04, 1:11 PM PST

Other polling place problem

dresden elementary, dekalb County, Georgia

Confused about where her polling place was located


11/13/04, 1:19 PM PST

Voter Intimidation

Oakcliff Elementary School, 3150 Willow Oak Way, Dekalb County, Georgia

Parked police car in fenced off sectioin. 2 officers went inside to check on polling place.


11/13/04, 1:27 PM PST

Other polling place problem

Kelly Lake ES, Dekalb County, Georgia

voter was not notified that her polling place had been changed to Columbia MS. She has voted at Kelly Lake as recently as July 2004.


11/13/04, 1:34 PM PST

Registration-related problem; Other polling place problem

Conley Hills Elem. School, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Voter registration card listed ppolling place as "Connally Elem. School" with a different address and zip code. Voter stated that he lived in the Cascade Rd area of Atlanta.


11/13/04, 2:01 PM PST


Skyland United Methodist Church, Atlanta, Dekalb County, Georgia

Three voters exiting polling place complained about having church promotion material (attached) handed to them as they entered


11/13/04, 2:25 PM PST

Other polling place problem

Cross Keys High School, Atlanta, Dekalb County, Georgia

Designated polling place was changed without her knowledge/permission, while her husband's polling place is still the same. Has had no change of address. Lives in same house as husband, who is on list to vote here (Cross Keys High School, Dekalb County, Georgia).


11/15/04, 8:18 AM PST

Other polling place problem

Cross Keys/Woodward, Atlanta, DeKalb County, Georgia

Voter 1st went to Woodward to vote, was told Cross Keys was his polling place. At Cross Keys was told Woodward was his polling place


11/15/04, 8:25 AM PST


Atlanta, DeKalb County, Georgia

Voter stated that she registered to vote in DeKalb Co. on 10/4/04. She was not on the voter rolls at the polling place. She was told she couldn't vote. She then spoke to EP volunteer, who advised her to request a provisional ballot, and told her that she had a right to cast a provisional ballot under OCG 21-2-418. She was again denied the right to cast a provisional ballot and was made to wait for the poll manager to make a call to attempt to get "authorization" for a provisional ballot. [P]


11/15/04, 12:56 PM PST

Other polling place problem

Kelly Lake Elementary, DeKalb County, Georgia

Voter was told that his polling place had changed to Flat Shores Elementary. He had not received advanced notice of this.


11/15/04, 1:13 PM PST

Voter Intimidation

East Lake Elementary, Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia

Flyer was left on door promoting a false polling place


11/15/04, 1:43 PM PST

Other polling place problem

East Lake Elementary, Atlanta, DeKalb County, Georgia

Voter redirected to old polling place, old polling place redirected her to new polling place after waiting two hours. Voter went back to new polling place.


11/17/04, 1:31 PM PST


GA, Atlanta, Dekalb County, Georgia

Poll manager attempted to require Election Protection volunteers to remain 150 feet from perimeter of propery, not building. [P]


11/17/04, 1:48 PM PST

Registration-related problem

Flat Shoals Elementary, Decatur , Dekalb County, Georgia

Note: She was not allowed to vote at this polling place because she had moved w/in last 6 mos. w/in the county but had not changed her address. The poll worker told her she could not vote and did not refer her to her old precinct.


11/18/04, 9:50 AM PST


Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Polling places across the street from each other-people confused-the poll workers figured out a way to get people to right precinct at about 10am


11/19/04, 8:34 AM PST


Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Waits of 4 hours - only 8 machines in polling place


Election officials in Twigg and Hancock counties had early-morning difficulties programming the correct ballots into some of their systems. The encoders built into the balky systems "were still encoded for the primaries, and they hadn't been updated,"


Walker County. Delays began early in the day at the Chattanooga Valley precinct with problems with an encoder, which is used to program the voting cards, Walker Board of Elections member Terry Morgan said. Diebold, manufacturer of the electronic voting machines, did not program the encoder properly, he said†††


Failure to provide a list of early voters to Walker County poll workers delayed the ballot count Tuesday night. Elections workers said they had to check manually to weed out duplicate ballots.


Twiggs County. Twiggs County voters arrived at the polls today to find they could not cast their votes on the Diebold computerized voting machines. The voting machines were down in all five precincts this morning because of an encoder problem from 7 a.m. until about 9 a.m., according to Twiggs Chief Registrar Linda Polk.††


Beaufort County . There were a number of precincts that had some problems today with the computers, but at one precinct in Seabrook, the computer broke twice within the first hour. According to poll workers, the machines just wouldn't take the ballots


Ideally, precincts have one machine for every 150 to 190 active voters, according to state officials and the vendor of the touch-screen units. Gwinnett County's average is 216 voters per touch-screen machine. Clayton County's is 236 active registered voters per machine. [Note: A 50% turnout in Clayton County would allow each voter approximately 3 minutes to vote.]


Minority Voter Suppression

Three white residents in rural Georgia have challenged most Hispanic voter registrations in their precinct, charging they are fraudulent. Most of those challenged have already proven their legal status as voters, but one wants a public hearing.


In two Georgia counties, individuals recently challenged the citizenship status of dozens of people on the voter rolls, based on their Spanish surnames.


County process violated Georgia Constitution

Advance voters are linked to their votes by a ballot number assigned to both their ballot and their ballot application. This violation of the Georgia Constitution occurred in the primary and is occurring again in the general election††††††††


workers struggled to communicate with the state voter registration database. The problem had to do with a DSL line that allows counties to access a master voter registration database. As a result, counties had to resort to slower connections to the database, or manually check in voters using paper lists†††††††† †††††††††